We all want to know if we are helping students succeed and assessment is a key tool that helps us target our efforts, learn about their impact, and make changes to best help students learn, grow, and develop during their time at The University of Iowa.

The primary purpose of assessment in the Division of Student Life is the improvement of student success and institutional performance. It is our expectation that all departments in the Division are conducting regular assessment to understand strengths and areas of improvement.

Each department within the Division has an assessment coordinator whose responsibility is to oversee assessment in that department. The Assessment Coordinators come together to form the Assessment Council, where they connect and share in assessment related work from their respective departments. Student Life Assessment, Improvement, & Research (AIR) also provides support in the form of Assessment Consultations, available to staff in the Division, a collection of Tools for Assessment, and guidance on the Administrative Review process.

Assessment Mini-Grants

Assessment, Improvement, and Research has funding available for assessment-related activities in the form of Assessment Mini-Grants. These grants are available within the Division of Student Life to help fund new or ongoing assessment practices for programs, offices, or departments. Assessment Mini-Grants may also be used to help fund travel for participation in assessment-related professional development or conference attendance. Eligible recipients may request up to $300. Contact Teri Schnelle (teri-schnelle@uiowa.edu) if you have any questions. Apply for an Assessment Mini-Grant.