Student Life Assessment, Improvement, and Research (AIR) provides assessment consultations to support staff in the Division. Individual and group consultations are available across all aspects of the assessment cycle:

  • Assessment planning
  • Outlining goals
  • Developing learning outcomes
  • Developing assessment measures
  • Analyzing data
  • Communicating assessment results
  • Using assessment results to make decisions

How to prepare for a consultation:

  1. Narrow down the question that you would like to answer.
    • What is my program/service supposed to accomplish?
    • What do I want students to be able to do and/or know as a result of this program/service?
    • How well are we doing it?
    • How do we know?
    • How do we use the information to improve or celebrate success?
    • Do the improvements we make work?
  2. Identify the program/service/etc. you would like to improve.
    • What is the history of the program/service being assessed?
    • What is the program/service supposed to accomplish?
    • What assessment is currently being conducted?
  3. Determine your timeline for implementation.
  4. Remember: We're here to help!