Students succeed at Iowa when they become effective leaders. The Division of Student Life provides an array of leadership experiences for students.

Our strategic priority is to expand the number of undergraduates who have access to a meaningful student leadership experience. Our ambitious goal is "a leadership experience for each Hawkeye." We encourage our students to be valued members of the Hawkeye family and Iowa City area community by providing them with leadership programs and education, volunteer opportunities, internships, and job connections that enable them to excel during their time at the University.

"I think that, with our help, students can get a good start on two central tasks of leadership development. First, they can deepen their understanding of who they are. For example, we can help students better understand, and perhaps refine, what their personal values are. Given the right conditions, students can also learn more about what assets they bring to leadership. We help in this sort of learning by creating experiences that provide students with rich opportunities to reflect on leadership work they have done. The second task we can help with is identifying passions. I heard a speaker recently who summed it up nicely. 'Without passion,' Dustin Lance Black said, 'you can be in charge, but you can’t lead.'"
- Tom Rocklin, Former Vice President for Student Life

Tom Rocklin Fund for Leadership Development

The Tom Rocklin Fund for Leadership Development is intended to help promising student leaders fund meaningful summer leadership experiences or activities to enhance their undergraduate careers and skills at Iowa.

Two (2) awards of $500 will be available for summer to fund the summer activity/experience of the selected applicant’s choice. Students from all backgrounds and majors are encouraged to apply. Summer leadership experience proposals may vary considerably, but should relate to the enhancement of the student’s leadership skills. We invite creative and original proposals. Possibilities for funding include (but are not limited to) funding for:


  • Currently in your first, second, or third year at the University of Iowa.
  • Current enrollment in twelve (12) or more credit hours.
  • 3.2 or higher GPA.

Application procedure

Please submit the following application online:

  • Complete this application
  • Résumé
  • The names and contact information of two references
  • Essay that details your proposed summer leadership experience and explains how it will support your future goals and will enhance your leadership ability
  • Leadership experience estimated budget
  • A brief statement that explain how you plan to bring this leadership experience back to the campus

If selected to receive an award to attend the leadership activity of your choice, there will be a requirement of meeting with a staff member upon return which will be discussed with the selected students.

Every Hawkeye, a Leader...

We are currently investigating effective methods for delivering a widespread, scalable leadership experience that helps students begin to address the two leadership tasks Vice President Rocklin identified.