RCSAC Progress Report

March 2023: The RCSAC Implementation Team, charged by President Barb Wilson, recently submitted a progress report. This report provides an update on the initial action steps to address recommendations and outlines the implementation plans for the four recommendations.

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The Reimagining Campus Safety Implementation Team is charged with taking action on the following recommendations of the Reimagining Campus Safety Action Committee (RSCAC):

  • Providing non-law enforcement response options for mental health, basic needs, crisis intervention, and follow-up.
  • Investing in holistic safety services, including mental health, case management, well-being, and basic needs.
  • Creating a Presidential Campus Safety and Accountability Board that includes marginalized campus members and representatives of shared governance, as well as the broader UI community. The group will solicit ongoing feedback, identify metrics and measures of success, communicate concerns and recommendations, and be transparent in sharing information with the UI community.
  • Collaborate with local public safety and community officials to align UI and surrounding community safety protocols in support of a holistic response approach

The implementation team also will develop metrics to report the progress being made on the recommendations and will outline how it will evaluate and continually improve policies, practices, and safety on campus, including developing and piloting sustainable models of listening to the campus community throughout the implementation process.

Reimagining Campus Safety Implementation Team members:

  • Angie Reams, Dean of Students (co-chair)
  • Sara Sanders, Dean, CLAS (co-chair)*
  • Teri Schnelle, Division of Student Life (project manager)*
  • James Ankrum, College of Engineering*
  • Rachel Maller, Graduate Student*
  • Regan Smock, Undergraduate Student
  • Tab Wiggins, Center for Diversity and Enrichment*
  • Dr. Maria Bruno, Division of Student Life
  • Mark Bullock, UI Department of Public Safety*
  • Greg Thompson, Residence Education*
  • Lew Montgomery, Finance and Operations
  • Jill Endres, Co-Chair, Council on the Status of Women

*served on RCSAC

Learn more about RCSAC

Learn more about the Reimagining Campus Safety Action Committee (RCSAC), which was responsible for identifying strategies, tactics, and timelines for creating a campus community that supports the safety of all individuals, with particular attention to people who have traditionally experienced disproportionate harm from systems such as law enforcement, view this page.

Questions and contact

Contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Life (vp-student-life@uiowa.edu) if you have any questions.