The Reimagining Campus Safety Action Committee has outlined prototypes, or potential models, to share with the campus on different ways the University of Iowa can create an anti-racist system that provides compassionate, caring response to the full range of safety needs for all members of the UI community.

Prototype Feedback

View the videos on this page that provide an overview of three different aspects (prototypes) of campus safety reimagined. For each video, there is an open-ended feedback option. These responses are anonymous.

The feedback period has ended.

Prototype: Refocusing Accountability, and Retraining for Campus Police Service

This prototype calls for a reimagining of the focus and structure of police response at the University of Iowa. This prototype specifically focuses on the University of Iowa Police Department, a division within the UI Department of Public Safety.

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Prototype: Holistic Approach to Campus Safety

This prototype envisions a more holistic approach to campus safety that proactively supports and invests in student’s health and well-being, centralizes support and resources for students, and utilizes alternative first responders, such as mental health professionals and trained mediators.

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Prototype: Community-Police Oversight Committee

This prototype is to form an oversight committee to ensure anti-racist campus safety practices, and is designed to ensure that university police and other entities are fully accountable to our university community. Any new oversight recommendations should work collaboratively with the already established presidential charter committee on university safety and security. Read more about the charter committee here.

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