The Action Committee is responsible for identifying strategies, tactics, and timelines for creating a campus community that supports the safety of all individuals, with particular attention to people* who have traditionally experienced disproportionate harm from systems such as law enforcement.

The committee’s work will occur in phases. Read more on Iowa Now.

* People who have traditionally experienced disproportionate harm from systems such as law enforcement include Black, Latinx, and Gender-Non-Conforming individuals, among others

Committee members

Name Email Role/Department
Sarah Hansen, Chair Vice President for Student Life
Tab Wiggins Director, Center for Diversity & Enrichment
Angela Ibrahim-Olin Director, Student Accountability
Sara Sanders Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mark Bullock Interim Co-Director, UIPD
Eli Hotchkin Director, Threat Assessment
Marcus Wilson Senior Associate Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
Mackensie Graham 2020-2021 President, GPSG
Rachel Maller 2020-2021 Diversity Chair, GPSG
Jerry Anthony Faculty Member, Urban/Regional Planning
Matsalyn Brown Tippie College of Business
Bria Marcelo Director, Diversity Resources Team
Ray DeMatta Faculty Member, Management Sciences
David Supp-Montgomerie Faculty Member, Communication Studies
James Ankrum Faculty Member, Biomedical Engineering
Greg Thompson Director, Residence Education
Dana Dominguez Associate Director of Operations and Communication, Pomerantz Career Center
Shalisa Gladney Coordinator, Afro-American Cultural Center
Teri Schnelle Director of Partnerships and Projects, DSL
Joycelyn Jorbedom 2020-2021 USG representative
Doug Vance Director, University Hospitals and Clinics Safety and Security