Each department in the Division of Student Life has an assessment coordinator whose responsibility is to coordinate assessment in their respective departments. The responsibilities of an assessment coordinator are to:

  • Act as the coordinator of assessment within their department. This may vary based on the needs of the department.
  • Be involved in multiple assessment projects each semester and share assessment project summaries with the associate director.
  • Work with the director to plan and implement professional development opportunities for the department and/or division.
  • Serve as the department program review coordinator during the program review process.
  • Participate in the DSL Assessment Council to support assessment efforts in the Division of Student Life.

Assessment coordinators can help support a culture of assessment in the Division by:

Serving as a role model in using assessment in their daily work

Promote assessment as a way to do our work more effectively

Why wouldn’t we want to make decisions with good information vs. without it?

  • Find ways to demonstrate assessment as a part of our work cycle – not a standalone. Integrate it into the planning and implementation process. Good assessment takes time but also saves time.
  • Invite investment. If you have colleagues in assessment, invite them to join you in your work. This can include graduate or undergraduate students. If you want to form an assessment work group to guide projects in your area, feel free.