6 of the most scenic study spots on campus

As you settle into the semester, finding that perfect on-campus study spot can take some time.

If you’re looking for a place with a view, check out this list. You may event consider these spots to be worthy of your Instagram feed.

Third floor terrace at the Stanley Museum of Art

herky studying at stanley museum

Head to the third floor of the new UI Stanley Museum of Art to study on the terrace overlooking Burlington Street and Gibson Square Park. The terrace has chairs and tables to choose from and your squad won’t find you unless you tell them where to look.

Seamans Center South Annex

seamen's center annex - photo

The Seamans Center South Annex, located on Capitol Street near the University Capitol Centre, offers a great birdseye view of the surrounding campus. The location houses inviting furniture and plenty of natural light, which is perfect for hands-on, collaborative studying and learning.

Adler Journalism Building atrium

image of inside of Adler atrium

The Adler Journalism Building atrium is at the south end of the building, which is located between the English Philosophy Building (EPB) and Becker Communication Studies Building. With nine TVs and large windows providing natural light, the space is a good spot to study if you like to be surrounded by more activity and buzz, or if the nearby Main Library is too crowded.

Walkway between Biology Building and Biology Building East

Arguably the most colorful study space on this list—the walkway between Biology Building and Biology Building East is in the middle of downtown Iowa City and crosses above Dubuque street. It provides a unique study vibe with various colored windows and designs throughout. And if you need a break to eat, just step outside and visit any of the nearby restaurants.

Outside of Art Building West

image of the outside of Art Building West

Escape the noise and distractions of downtown Iowa City. Art Building West’s waterfront tables are one of the best outdoor study spots on campus. Only a 10-minute walk from downtown, its quiet setting and pond views make it feel much farther. No swimming allowed, sorry.

Stairs of the Old Capitol

student studying on old cap stiars

You knew this one was coming. Study in the heart of campus, and in the heart of the Pentacrest. The west-facing stairs of the Old Capitol are a great place to set up your laptop, especially during the afternoon and evening as the sun begins to set.