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Late Night Funding helps organizations reach more students

What is Late Night Funding? 

Late Night Funding has always been around, originally existing as part of Center for Student Involvement, otherwise known as CSIL. When CSIL was broken up this past year, Late Night Funding became its own department.  

Their goal is to offer events as an alternative to alcohol. These events must cover the hours of 10 p.m. and midnight on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, be alcohol free, and free to University of Iowa students and community members.  

How does someone apply for Late Night Funding? 

First, an organization must fill out an application. After doing this, there are a few stipulations to follow: the event must utilize SWIPE, which monitors demographics of those coming to events, 2 members of the organization must attend an alcohol harm reduction training, and the organization must submit a detailed budget. Once the organization is approved, they receive their funds. 

Who is eligible for Late Night Funding? 

Any student organization is eligible! The event doesn’t need to be large. For instance, the Lutheran Campus Ministry funds game nights using Late Night Funding. Or, the event can be one large event. The Mirage, a drag show hosted by multiple organizations, has received Late Night Funding multiple times. 

Each student organization can receive up to $2,500 each fiscal year. 

How has Late Night Funding changed?

Mara Cheney, the director of Late Night Funding, says the biggest change she has seen is the number of applicants for the funds. She said that in the first month of the new department, they had 9 applicants.  

“We have marketed it as its own things and it is getting a lot more interest,” she said. “I’m glad people are using it.” 

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