Wednesday, September 28, 2022

“Dr. Galligan will be responsible for shaping the professional lives and development of all staff, interns, and practicum trainees and ensure that our field maintains the highest professional standards and clinical acumen,” says Michael Fletcher, Psy. D., director of UCS. Fletcher also expects the student body to benefit from Galligan’s new role. “As a secondary gain, the training program will be adding mental health capacity for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, and post-docs through its clinicians in training”.

Part of Galligan’s role is overseeing the expansion of the training program. Through the training that students of the program receive, Galligan, a graduate of the University of Iowa, hopes that UCS can further expand on the value that UCS brings to students. “Because the training program is rigorous, it means that students who receive treatment here will be well cared for. Because it’s multi-disciplinary, it means that students are more likely to meet with a provider who is a good fit. Because we’re expanding, it means that we can serve more students and we can fulfill our training mission to help well-trained individuals grow the profession.”

As the program expands, it will continue to provide nationally recognized service to the University of Iowa Community. Of UCS, Galligan says, “We provide deep and meaningful therapy. UCS is a rarity in the collegiate mental health world. We don’t sacrifice depth in the kinds of clinical services that we offer. We continue to form strong therapeutic relationships with the clients that we serve here.”

Galligan’s experiences, serving as the University Housing and Dining’s embedded therapist as well as practicum coordinator, have conditioned him for this role. Leading the next generation of mental health professionals is a responsibility that Galligan takes seriously. “Part of my professional passion is to provide supervision and I'm really grateful that my new role continues to focus on helping trainees become excellent therapists.”

At the center of Dr. Galligan’s work is the gratitude that he feels towards those who have trained him. “I've had high-quality supervisors who have trained me. I'm most excited about giving back to the profession in the same way.”