Earn, Learn, G.R.O.W.® is a transformative professional development program for Iowa students. The program helps students earn money, learn on the job through mentorship and skill-building, and grow through combining academics with work experience in a real-world setting.

About Earn, Learn, G.R.O.W.®

Components of the program

  • A paid campus job, and a mentor who agrees to support student learning within and beyond the workplace. The student will be provided employment in areas of most interest for professional development.
  • A scholarship between $1,000 - $4,000 to bridge need gaps.
  • Regular Iowa G.R.O.W.® conversations with their supervisor-mentor and additional professional development opportunities. Iowa GROW (Guided Reflection on Work) is a nationally acclaimed learning framework developed here and used at over 200 institutions.

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, employers are seeking graduates who possess critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills. Work experience is a crucial attribute that can set candidates apart from their peers. That's why the Learn, Earn, G.R.O.W.® program is committed to providing valuable work experience that models these essential competencies.

Through the program, students have the opportunity to develop and hone their critical thinking skills, learn effective communication strategies, and collaborate with others as part of a team. But it's not just about getting a job - the Learn, Earn, G.R.O.W.® program also offers structured conversations between students and their supervisor-mentors. This creates an environment that is both retention and relationship-rich, allowing students to identify and articulate the valuable learning experiences they gain from campus employment.

Your support of the Learn, Earn, G.R.O.W.® program will not only provide students with important job skills, but also a jump start to feeling a sense of belonging at the University of Iowa. By contributing to this program, you are investing in the success of our students and the future of our workforce. Thank you for considering supporting this vital program.

One Day for Iowa 2023

Earn, Learn, G.R.O.W.® program is the recipient of the 2023 funds from Division of Student Life during One Day for Iowa! You can give now at the link below:

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What kinds of opportunities are there for students?

Students may choose employment within one of the areas listed below depending on their interests and alignment with the donor’s designated employment department. Each area offers a diverse skillset unique to their area, as well as the broad skills needed to succeed after college.

Afro-American Cultural Center

Latino Native American Cultural Center

Asian Pacific American Cultural Center

International Student Support and Engagement

Pride Alliance Center

Student Disability Services

Women’s Resource Action Center

Office of the Vice President for Student Life

Dean of Students

Residence Life

 Housing, and Dining

Iowa Memorial Union

Student Care and Assistance

Recreational Services

University Counseling Service

Office of Leadership and Engagement


Research, Assessment, and IT

Marketing and Communication

Student Health & Well Being

*Students may also write a workplan and discuss the opportunity of creating a position that encompasses their interest as well as professional development within the Division of Student Life

Student employment supports student success

  • Students who work on campus are more likely to stay at the University of Iowa. The effect is even more powerful for students with underrepresented identities.
  • Students who work in Student Life are retained from first to second year at an average of 93% since 2012 vs. 85% for students not employed in Student Life.
  • Underrepresented racial/ethnic minority (URM) students are even more positively affected by campus employment. URM students who worked were retained at an average of 7% higher than URM students who did not. Additionally, 1 in 5 Hawkeyes are first in family to attend college.

Survey results in support of E.L.G.

After participating in the Iowa G.R.O.W.® portion of E.L.G., students were surveyed and their responses compared to those who had not participated. 

Skills acquired through campus work Iowa GROW participants Non-GROW

Because of my job, I am able to work effectively with individuals with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and cultures.



My job has helped me improve my verbal communication skills.



My job has helped me develop more effective time management skills.



My job has helped me use critical thinking skills to form opinions and solve problems.



My job has helped me develop conflict negotiation skills.



My supervisor-mentor helps me make connections between my work and my life as a student.



My job has helped prepare me for full-time employment.



I can see connections between my job and my academic major/courses.



My job has helped me learn more about career options.



My job has helped improve my writing skills.



Critical thinking, communication, and teamwork are the top career ready competencies employers seek in new graduates and work experience is a highly desirable resume attribute. Earn, Learn, G.R.O.W.® is committed to providing work experience that models critical thinking skills, teaches effective communication, and creates opportunity for teamwork.

Earn, Learn, G.R.O.W.® makes campus employment even more “retention and relationship-rich” with structured conversations between students and their supervisor-mentors. The program is highly effective at helping students identify and articulate the learning from campus employment, while providing a jump start to belonging at Iowa.