Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Dear university community,

We hear your concerns and anger, and we share your feelings regarding the serious allegations of sexual misconduct on our campus and across the nation. Sexual assault is unacceptable and putting a stop to it on our campus starts with each of us. If and when you see something, say something. Misconduct should never go unreported, even if the perpetrator is a friend.

The University of Iowa does not condone sexual misconduct of any kind and takes every allegation seriously. To proceed with an investigation, the university needs anyone with information and evidence to contact the Office of Institutional Equity. The university responds to every complaint, and we encourage you to review the resources and options available to you or someone you care about. Please note that investigations that occur through the Office of Institutional Equity are separate from police investigations.

To be clear, students must comply with the Code of Student Life. If convicted in a criminal court of behavior prohibited under the Code of Student Life, a student also will be charged with violating Section E.2 Criminal Conduct of the Code of Student Life and subject to disciplinary sanctions.

The university is also releasing an update to our anti-violence plan in September. This plan will guide the university over the next three years and contains action steps along with reviews of existing processes.

Please know that there are many resources for support available on our campus. We have listed a few below that may be able to assist no matter the challenge or concern:

Our community is compassionate, empathetic, and resilient and we will face the future knowing that together we will continue to grow stronger.

Take care,

Angie Reams, PhD
Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Liz Tovar, PhD
Executive Officer and Associate Vice President Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion