Friday, August 19, 2022

The Alcohol Sales Pilot Evaluation Report released by the University of Iowa includes recommendations to maintain and improve existing safety practices at UI athletic events while continuing to support practices in alignment with the UI Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan.

The report was released following review of the 2021-22 athletic season, the first that allowed beer and wine sales at Kinnick Stadium, Carver-Hawkeye Arena, Duane Banks Field, and Bob Pearl Field.

The team used a multi-faceted approach over the course of the academic year, evaluating current processes and behaviors within and around Kinnick Stadium and Carver-Hawkeye Arena, as well as reviewing environmental influences and factors within the community.

The report considered pre-pilot and post-pilot game day data from the UI Department of Public Safety, Iowa City Police Department, UI Hospitals & Clinics, and SHOUT (Students Helping OUT). The team also reviewed feedback provided from a pair of surveys. The first was sent to UI students, faculty, staff, and residents in Iowa City and the surrounding community. The second survey was sent to 2021 football season ticket holders.

The final report referenced game-day strategies that align with the UI alcohol harm reduction plan. Recommendations for those strategies include:

  • Maintaining set operating hours for general parking lots surrounding Kinnick Stadium (six hours prior to kickoff).
  • Continuing to support behaviors such as allowing patrons to bring in closed water bottles, limiting the number of alcoholic beverages sold per purchase, and ensuring food and non-alcoholic beverages are sold.
  • An added emphasis on continuing to support responsible service training provided by outside vendors and volunteers.

It also found that while alcohol-related offenses were the leading cause of arrests, there was a significant decrease in the total number of alcohol-related arrests and alcohol-related medical emergencies during football games at Kinnick.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of alcohol at athletic events supports alcohol harm reduction efforts in the UI community, such as increased offerings for late night programs, protective environmental strategies, partnerships with the Iowa City Downtown District, and alcohol-related intervention education.

The alcohol sales pilot evaluation team was led by Angie Reams, UI associate vice president and dean of students, and included representatives from the Division of Student Life, Department of Athletics, Department of Public Safety, College of Public Health, and Alcohol Harm Reduction Committee.