In 2009, the Alcohol Harm Reduction Advisory Committee (AHRC) was created by the UI Vice President for Student Life. The AHRC is a multidisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and students, that advises the Vice President for Student Life on a comprehensive and research-based plan to create conditions on our campus which decrease high-risk drinking and the related harmful consequences. A campus-community partnership was also created between the University of Iowa campus and the City of Iowa City, called the Partnership for Alcohol Safety.

The UI Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan contains multiple, mutually reinforcing, and research-based strategies. The tactics in our plan are grounded in the best available research on student success and effective strategies to reduce high-risk drinking on college campuses. Recognizing that not all students drink and of those who do, not all do so in a high-risk way, the goals of our plan address the needs of all students including those who don’t drink, those who have experienced a problem as a result of their drinking, and everyone in between.

The University of Iowa’s continued commitment to creating a culture that encourages healthy behaviors and fosters student success is evident with the roll-out of the 4th Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan – 2019-2022.

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