Friday, October 15, 2021

Prateek Raikwar is a senior from Coralville, Iowa majoring in Neuroscience and Music.

What is your favorite memory from the University of Iowa?

Entering college, I was eager to expand and improve my commitment to service. I joined the food justice group of the Hawkeye Service Breaks initiative during my freshman year to explore service. Here, I became very passionate about food insecurity and the nuances of competent service. I quickly found myself volunteering with local food justice organizations, including our own Food Pantry at Iowa. My favorite memory involved combining my knowledge and experiences at those organizations to teach and lead reflections about food justice as a Hawkeye Service Breaks leader last year. I am proud to have partnered with the very same organizations I have worked with throughout my time at Iowa. The most exhilarating feeling is knowing that some of the students in the class decided to volunteer with the Food Pantry at Iowa this year. It feels like my experience has come full circle.

What would like to see changed in the world during your lifetime?

I would like to see greater efforts toward our collective well-being, including being more respectful to each other, developing more sustainable lifestyles, ending world hunger, and creating a more equitable healthcare system.

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

It would be amazing to teleport. I’m really into soccer, so being able to teleport and see how the sport’s culture varies in different countries would be a dream come true –– plus I’d get the side-benefit of exploring those countries more generally!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’m aiming to attend medical and graduate school –– hopefully I would have graduated by then! Regardless, I’m planning to conduct cancer research that will both benefit current patients and inform future basic science research. I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up though!

What is a fun fact that no one knows about you?

I enjoy producing music. I'm always looking to learn new styles and appreciate the number of opportunities that learning music theory and producing provides. One of my dreams is to create a symphonic piece that blends Western orchestral instruments and styles with Indian music theory.

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