Wednesday, April 22, 2020
A person sitting in front of a sorority house
Morgan Smith (BBA '20) in front of the Iowa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi

Morgan Smith is a senior at the University of Iowa studying marketing. She joined the Iowa chapter of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority in the Fall of 2016 – her first semester at Iowa. Since her time in the organization, she has had the opportunity to be the Vice President of Membership Experience and Vice President of Event Management.

With the rise of COVID-19, Smith’s senior year changed dramatically and shifted the dynamics within her sorority. Since their organization is centered around philanthropy, fundraising, and sisterhood – not being physically around her sisters and attending the events has been quite the transition. While it has been a challenge, her sisters on the leadership team have stepped up during this time to make sure that seniors can make it a year to remember— even if it means doing it from a distance.

While she wishes things were different, she is extremely thankful for all of the women she has met through the sorority. She says, "Not only has Alpha Delta Pi enabled me to meet so many women on this campus, but it has also allowed me to make a connection with thousands of other women across the country". One memorable moment that emphasizes this was Alpha Delta Pi Recruitment of 2018. She recalls it being a late night filled with dancing, story exchanges, and lots of laughter. What makes it such a great memory she recalls is that, "It was one of the times I was able to connect with people in the chapter who I normally don’t get a chance to talk to.. it was a really great night to spend with everyone".

This theme of sisterhood and community is one that has continued to reoccur in Smith's time at Iowa. She notes how Alpha Delta Pi has given her a group of women who have always been supportive in all her endeavors. Especially these last weeks with the transition to online school, she has seen her sisters come together in a different, and more fortifying way.

So even as her sisters are busy trying to make her senior year memorable, the people she has met and support system she has gained is something she'll never forget, and will always be thankful for.