Friday, October 21, 2022
Isabel Hogg

Isabel Hogg is a fourth year from Cedar Rapids, Iowa majoring in public health and minoring in anthropology and Portuguese.

What is your favorite memory from the University of Iowa?

Some of my favorite memories at Iowa have happened along the Iowa River on the West side of campus. When the weather’s nice, I go and set up a hammock or sit with friends to hang out or work on assignments. The Iowa River Trail is also accessible for the short breaks I have in between classes at the College of Public Health so I like to go on walks and take in the beautiful views of the Old Capitol and campus.

What would like to see changed in the world during your lifetime?

One thing that I’m a big advocate for is rest. In my personal life I prioritize sleep, a lot. My friends know that if I cancel or say no to plans it’s probably for a nap or just to be in bed by 10 PM. This gives me time to reset from a long day by being with myself and doing nothing for a moment. Rest also is an important foundation to physical and mental wellbeing that is often overlooked. So, in my ideal world people would rest more to be their best selves.

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

I would want the superpower of always knowing what direction I’m going. Kinda like an internal GPS system where I know my destination and I can direct myself to the destination without worrying about getting lost. Imagine never getting lost on a hike ever again!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself getting a hot (black) coffee and scone from my favorite coffee shop. My dog’s with me and I’m working on a crossword puzzle before I head out to work. I’m not sure what that work will look like but I’m interested in food equity, wilderness therapy and generally pursuing a job where I’m engaged with my community.

What is a fun fact that no one knows about you?

I’ve never pulled an all-nighter.

Homecoming is a week where the community comes together to celebrate Hawkeye pride.

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