University Housing & Dining

About UHD

University Housing & Dining provides clean, well-maintained, secure, healthy, and affordable housing and dining options designed to meet the diverse and evolving developmental, educational, and nutritional needs of student living in a multicultural community.

Our Mission

Personalized Service -- University Housing & Dining excels as a campus leader in making all residents and guests feel welcome on campus and staff display pride in working at the University of Iowa.

Student Focused -- University Housing & Dining is committed to investing in our students and facilities while delivering quality services and maintaining competitive rates.

Modern Safety -- University Housing & Dining provides modern security features and educates residents to share responsibility for personal safety by making informed choices.

Fostering Growth -- University Housing & Dining is committed to fostering the academic, social, cultural and personal growth of residents through the teaching of life skills and responsible citizenship.

Key Statistics


Number of students who lived on campus.


Number of student employees who worked for University Housing & Dining.


Percent of student employees who indicated they have gained transferable life skills from their time at University Dining.