Office of the Dean of Students

About the Office

The Office of the Dean of Students has three branches – Student Conduct, Student Care & Assistance, and Title IX. We have a variety of programs available to assist students, faculty, and staff. The Student Conduct Office works with students to resolve disciplinary matters whether on or off campus. The office also ensures that students receive fair treatment in all hearings.

Student Care & Assistance provides coordinated efforts, in conjunction with campus partners, to assist students experiencing crisis and emergency situations. These situations may include: hospitalization, medical emergencies or long-term illness, mental health concerns, chronic conditions, death of a family member, natural disasters, off campus living concerns, or unexpected events or challenges.

The Office of the Dean of Students also investigates Title IX reports involving students. Title IX concerns include stalking, dating violence, and domestic abuse as well as sexual misconduct.

The initiatives and programs we provide enable our students to access resources and overcome challenges in order to succeed as a student at Iowa. This report outlines recent staff changes and some of the programs we offer to support and assist students.

Our Mission

Creating and supporting positive and inclusive communities of students and scholars through advocacy, education, and engagement.

Our Staff

The Office of the Dean of Students is a campus leader and partner in creating meaningful learning experiences that foster and celebrate academic and personal development.

Campus Inclusion Team

The Campus Inclusion Team (CIT) provides support and resources to any student with a concern about diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Campus Inclusion Team will listen to student concerns and help identify potential solutions.

Critical MASS

To assist students, the Critical Mentoring and Student Support program (Critical MASS) has been established with UI faculty, staff, and graduate students serving in the mentor role. Critical MASS mentors provide support and a faculty/staff/graduate student connection for referred students.

Student Conduct

When incidents happen, primarily on campus, and UI students are involved, our office is the main university entity that works with students to resolve disciplinary matters. We also ensure that students receive fair treatment in all hearings.

Key Statistics


Students supported by Student Care & Assistance.


Number of active Critical MASS mentors.


Number of Quick Guides campus mailed to faculty and staff.