University Counseling Service partners with student organizations

Each year University Counseling Service (UCS) partners with several student groups to ensure it is delivering services that benefit students. The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of students who advise the UCS on the most effective ways to outreach to students and improve mental health services on campus. The Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Program (BIEDA) works closely with UCS to promote body-positive, sustainable lifestyles for students by bringing awareness to disordered eating and body image concerns and identifying resources that can help. Active Minds is a student group that has formed a close alliance with the UCS to shape more constructive conversations around mental health across campus. This year, Active Minds won the Outstanding Program Hawkeye Award for Send Silence Packing, a traveling backpack display which raises awareness regarding campus mental health and suicide prevention.

If you would like to get involved or want to know more about each of these incredible groups, click here to find out more information on their respective websites: SAB, BIEDA, Active Minds.