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Tips for the Fall 2020 Virtual Instruction Period

Connection and support for virtual instruction

As we enter the virtual instruction period for the Fall 2020 semester, students may continue to feel more isolated, struggling to identify the resources to support them through their academic and campus engagement pursuits. This has not been a typical semester and has been challenging in many ways. While we are moving to virtual instruction, we may be apart, but students are not alone. The University of Iowa has many resources to support student success, particularly in this period.

Supplemental Instruction group sessions via Zoom

To assist students who may be seeking a group study environment, the Academic Resource Center offers Supplemental Instruction sessions via Zoom. This free, course-specific, peer-facilitated group study session was developed to improve academic success and learning within historically challenging courses.SI sessions are designed to be a fun and interactive way to learn the course material through group activities, discussions, and games! 

Academic support resources across campus

Many additional academic support resources are available within individual colleges and academic programs, as well as in the residence halls, advising center, and many other campus offices. These resources are designed to help you in your academic success and stay connected while we are apart. You are not alone – there are lots of resources available to assist you in your online learning. Students who are unsure of where to start can visit Tutor Iowa tofind videos, worksheets, lists of campus resources, and contact information for questions

Join a student organization or other engagement opportunity

We all know that the college experience goes well beyond the classroom, and the University of Iowa is also working to ensure that students have opportunities to get involved while maintaining campus guidance for group gatherings and social distancing. Students who may be seeking new opportunities for engagement can work with engagement advising to discover which organizations may be a good fit. 

Mental health resources available to students

Feelings of isolation compounded with the stress of finals, academic, and family pressure may leave students feeling anxious or down. Fortunately, the university offers myriad mental health resources to assist with coping. 

Ultimately, it is important for us all to remember that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed elements of our day-to-day interactions, we are still able to connect as Hawkeyes, to support one another, and to achieve great things.