The College of Law adopts the University Counseling Service embedded therapist model

A quality consistent across University of Iowa professional colleges is that their students face unique pressures and often have rigorous time commitments. It can be difficult for students to find time during their eight-to-five study day.

To increase accessibility of mental health services to these professional students, University Counseling Service (UCS) is extending its embedded therapist model. This model is increasingly recognized as a “best practice” for campuses with professional colleges. Presently UCS has embedded therapists in the Department of Athletics, Residence Education, College of Dentistry, and as of summer 2019, the College of Law. The addition of an embedded therapist in the College of Law is a natural extension of the pre-existing positive relationship between UCS and the College of Law.

UCS and the College of Law are excited to welcome Jaret Morlan, LMSW to the UCS staff as the embedded staff therapist in the College of Law. In his role, Jaret will provide direct clinical service to law students and foster greater well-being and a culture of wellness within the College of Law.