Student Health gets a new look

Both of the Student Health clinic sites got some much needed updates in the year 2018.

Although the Westlawn building is old on the outside, the clinic space that occupies parts of the 3rd and 4th floors was renovated nicely in the late 1990s so that students could be seen in a modern clinic setting. Recently, the furniture was replaced in the waiting room so that it not only looked more appealing, but for infection control reasons, was a much better option for a health care clinic.

Student feedback helped drive decisions

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) was utilized to help guide some decisions related to what students need and want (and like!), and they were all in favor of getting new furniture that could be cleaned and configured in a way that made the environment more comfortable while they waited to be called back for their clinic visit. They also wanted a “Hawkeye” feel, some black and gold! New tables were added for their laptops. Another change made in the area of the waiting room, based on SHAC’s feedback- was related to Student Health's provider photos and profiles. Although the providers’ pictures and profiles in a visible place, the students felt like it should be relocated from the hall to within the waiting room, where they might have time to read about the office's provider staff.

IMU Nurse Care

Student Health's other clinic site, IMU Nurse Care, has been located in the lower level of the IMU since the fall of 2015. At that time and until recently, furnishings and patient care activities were adapted to the space and room features that were available. The IMU was generous in providing many of the initial amenities in the room, such as waiting room chairs and room dividers. IMU Nurse Care has become an increasingly popular location for students to come in without an appointment and get any needed health requirements done (immunizations, TB tests, forms filled out). It is staffed by an RN, so it can also be a great place for a student to stop in for health advice. The nurse can help them decide the best course of action, which might include getting an appointment at Westlawn to see a provider, linking up with the University Counseling Service (UCS) or another campus resource, or trying some self-care advice.

After getting student and staff feedback, Constance Wagner, the Nurse Manager at Student Health, initiated some much needed improvements in the environment and accommodations at the IMU. The configuration of the patient care spaces was significantly improved by adding solid cubicle walls with a sliding door. This allowed for more privacy for the clinic visit, whether the student needed an immunization, blood draw, or just to consult with the nurse. New patient chairs occupy the exam rooms, so that if a student needs to lie down, it can be easily accommodated. Locking cabinets in the patient care area allow for easy access to supplies and improved security. Constance said, “We wanted to make it look like a more modern clinic and provide privacy to our students.” Staff like it too!

2019 Year In Review

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