Structure change for Student Health and Student Wellness

In fall 2018, after many months of discussion, a decision was made to change the structure of Student Health & Wellness. Since 1983, the wellness and health education unit of the health clinic (originally called “Health Iowa”) had been embedded in the clinical/medical model at Student Health. Effective November 2018, Student Health and Student Wellness began operating as two separate entities. It was felt that this would place more emphasis on our campus efforts toward creating a more holistic approach to positively impact the health of students.

Student Health and Student Wellness are still housed in the Westlawn Building and although functioning separately, still work closely together and collaborate on patient referrals and initiatives. Sarah Hansen, associate vice president for Student Life, said that the split “allows Student Wellness to become an important and equal focus in the approach to helping students develop healthy lifestyles.”

Separating Student Health and Student Wellness seemed fairly easy on the surface, but the logistics of something as simple as a name change have been more complex on a campus this size. Staff is still undertaking the lengthy process of segmenting the unit names on websites, campus materials, and all communications internally and externally. Campus strategic partners were notified and are assisting with the name change on websites, MyUI, and admissions materials. Two separate websites were created: Student Health and Student Wellness. Students can easily follow links between the clinic and the wellness services. The goal was to make this separation seamless for students, and offer them even better health and wellness services.

Student Wellness, in addition to the services provided at Westlawn, will continue to operate the Wellness Services suite at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Student Health has the main medical clinic (where the doctors are housed) in the Westlawn Building, and maintains a satellite nurse clinic, IMU Nurse Care, in the lower level of the Iowa Memorial Union. Both units will continue to strive to provide quality health services for UI students.

2019 Year In Review

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