Student Disability Services sees steady increase in usage

Student Disability Services (SDS) has seen a significant increase in utilization while continuing to provide a high level of service to the students we serve. SDS gathers feedback on an annual basis and students continue to report a high level of satisfaction with the accommodations they receive and with the responsiveness of the office.

In 2013, SDS served a total of 557 students. In 2018 that number increased to 1,195 students, a 115% increase. Despite the increase in students served, students report being satisfied with the services provided by SDS and the accommodations they receive. 94% of students report that their Accommodations Coordinator is helpful, 93% of students agree that their instructors are able to provide their accommodations, and 94% of students agreed that the testing environment provided by the course instructor or department met their accommodations needs.

Students who utilize Student Disability Services also have better retention and graduation rates compared to their peers. Students using accommodations during their first year of college had a 92.1% retention rate compared to an overall University of Iowa rate of 85.6%, a 6.5% difference. The four-year graduation rate shows students using academic accommodations graduating at a rate that is 4.7% higher compared to their UI peers.

Student Disability Services is preparing a self-study for a departmental program review that will occur in September 2019. This review will bring in experts from other campuses to perform a comprehensive review of SDS services to ensure that it is operating effectively and serving students in support of their success. This review will examine all aspects of the operation as well as the overall coordination of services to students with disabilities across campus to ensure that University of Iowa students are being served effectively and in the most accessible way possible.

2019 Year In Review

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