Rape Victim Advocacy Program develops SA response teams in rural counties

RVAP is working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and county attorneys to expand trauma-informed practices, and increase positive outcomes for victims/survivors. To date, RVAP developed five sexual assault response teams (SARTs) in rural counties that have not previously had such groups: Washington County, Iowa County, Cedar County, Lee County, and Henry County. Sexual Assault Response Teams are multidisciplinary groups that collaborate to coordinate effective response to sexual assault in their respective communities. Additionally, these groups reflect on the quality of the response to sexual violence in their communities and take action to improve it. RVAP’s goal is to improve victims’/survivors’ help-seeking experiences, and it is excited about the continued potential of these groups.

2019 Year In Review

This article is part of the 2019 Year in Review, which highlights some of the Division of Student Life's accomplishments from the previous academic year.

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