Redesigning testing spaces to support student success

Student Disability Services (SDS) provides a wide array of accommodations for students.  One of the exciting changes for 2017-2018 was a redesign of the SDS testing rooms. In order to provide consistency on campus for reduced-distraction testing environments, SDS redesigned the testing space so the desks now face the walls with partitions dividing the area. This arrangement has proven to be especially helpful to students that have test anxiety, PTSD, or ADHD.

Another change to the testing facility was the installation of a new video monitoring system. This eliminates the need for a live proctor in the room, which can cause distractions. These cameras can view every angle of the room with zoom capability.  Videos are maintained for a period of time and can be revisited if an event occurred that warranted a second look at the testing room.


Student disability service redesigned testing center.

The majority of students registered with SDS are approved for the reduced distraction testing environment accommodation.  Updating the design and monitoring of this testing space is an essential part in fostering student success.

2018 Year In Review

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