One UI student org is bringing the fashion industry to Iowa City

Student Org Profile: Fashion Management Club

Fashion Management Club was named "Best New Student Organization" by Tippie College of Business last year.

Fashion Management Club was named “Best New Student Organization” by Tippie College of Business last year. Photo courtesy of FMC Facebook.

Former University of Iowa student Laura Cyrek established the UI’s Fashion Management Club (FMC) last year as a way to bring students interested in fashion together. The organization offers UI students of all majors the chance to develop their professional identity through workshops, mock interviews, lectures by industry professionals, volunteer work, and networking events.

With just one year under their fashionable belts, the members of FMC are already making their mark. In May 2013, the Tippie College of Business named the club “Best New Organization” at their annual Student Organization Awards Banquet. FMC’s current president Mary Kellogg tells the Division of Student Life how FMC is following up their successful first year and how the organization will benefit her future career.

Mary Kellog, President of UI's Fashion Management Club

Mary Kellogg, President of UI’s Fashion Management Club. Photo courtesy of FMC website.

Caitlin Scott: How long have you been a part of FMC?

Mary Kellogg: Last June I found out that FMC was starting at Iowa. I decided to reach out to the president at the time because I was transferring to Iowa and was looking for a way to get involved in fashion, so she started getting me involved. I helped design FMC’s logo and then became the social media chair for the first semester. The second semester I became the VP of PR and marketing.

CS: How do you think that FMC will benefit your future career?

MK: I feel like as much as it’s benefiting me in fashion it’s also benefiting me in organizational skills and leadership, especially being on the executive board. I’m learning so much about networking and reaching out to people−things i’ve never really done before so it’s really awesome. The people that I meet are going to be awesome connections when I graduate. The whole club is professional development so everything we do is to benefit people after college−even if they aren’t going into the fashion industry.

CS: What challenges have you faced while being a part of FMC?

MK: It’s hard because we’re doing everything for the first time. We’re starting to build our documents and things that we can pass down for the years to come. Right now it is a lot of work because it is the first time for everything but it’s kind of cool also. We get to be creative and think of these ideas and what we want to do with the organization and so I really like it.

CS: What are FMC’s plans for the upcoming year?

MK: This semester we’re doing a charity fashion show and we’re doing a clothing drive. We’ll collect clothes from the public for three weeks and we’ll have boxes around campus. Then we’ll have a fashion show where we’ll style the clothes we collect and at the end we’re donating the clothes to charity. We’re really excited about it. It’s philanthropic and we’re also giving all of our members hands on experiences too–they are all on committees so they are doing work too, it’s not just the executive board. It’s all hand-me-down clothes that we’re getting so it will be fun for us to style everything in an interesting way.

CS: Why do you think students should join FMC?

MK: If you are interested in working in the fashion industry this is your org! We are going to get you the most involved that you can be while you are here in Iowa City.. We have a growing network and growing connections. Bring a part of the organization not only looks good on a résumé but it also prepares you so much and you get so many connections. I got an internship this summer working events for Modern Luxury at CS magazine in Chicago from a girl who was in the club last semester−she recommended me. I worked their events, probably about once a week at amazing Chicago locations. It was so much fun and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity unless I had met her. You meet people and grow your network and make connections. I definitely recommend it.

For more on FMC, follow the org on Facebook and on Twitter.