Michael Rendleman: Student Leader

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Michael Rendleman is a senior at the University of Iowa studying Biomedical Engineering. Michael is also the co-director of music for Intersection: Men's A Cappella Group. Intersection was established in 2006 when a group of friends waned to sing together and decided to start a student organization to get more people involved. The group now consists of 11 members, each specializing in a specific vocal range.

Tell me about Intersection.

It’s pretty much a group of guys from a variety of backgrounds (most of us aren’t studying music) who love to perform and make music. We currently have 11 members, and put on two concerts each school year as well various other performances around the Iowa City area and beyond.

Michael gives us some insight into leading this organization in our latest student leader profile.

What is something that most people don’t know about Intersection?

We are entirely student-run, and a good chunk of our arrangements are either arranged by group members or the product of collaborations within the group.

What challenges have you faced in being a part of this organization?

The most challenging part is probably organizing everyone to work together, as coordinating schedules to meet multiple times per week is difficult since many of our members are involved with other activities on campus.

Tell me about an accomplishment from your organization.

We were asked to open for the Sing-Off Tour when they were performing in Davenport. Not only were we able to use their fantastic sound system and sound engineers, we also got to meet some of the groups performing in the show.

What have your learned or how have you grown since your involvement?

I’ve learned a lot about managing groups and goal-setting. I’ve also improved a significant chunk musically, learning to lead the group in rehearsal and present musical ideas in an intuitive way.

What do you hope your organization will accomplish in the future?

I hope we’ll continue to perform and enrich the University of Iowa community with a cappella music, whether it’s during our Holiday concert, our more pop-centric Spring concert, or other various performances. We may do competitions at some point in the future, but that scene doesn’t at this point entirely align with what we want for our group.

How does your organization contribute to the community?

We see ourselves as a part of an a cappella community on campus, having associations and performances with other a cappella orgs like Old Gold, the Hawkapellas, and Iowa Agni.

Any shameless plugs? Social media accounts, upcoming events, etc.

We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , and Youtube—all of which you can find by going to UIowaIntersection.com. We also have our Spring Concert coming up on April 21st, at 7 PM in the IMU Second Floor Ballroom. It's FREE so come check us out!