Matt Bobber found his place on the UI Water Polo Club

Matt Bobber is a nursing major at the UI, also involved in the UI Water Polo Club through Recreational Services. The Iowa Challenge asks students to choose: make good, healthy choices that support overall health and success. Matt told us about how water polo fits into his life. 

How do you Choose at Iowa?

I knew that the University of Iowa had a water polo team, and I wanted to check it out. I found their booth at the org fair and then went to the first day of practice and immediately liked it. Its practices are Monday-Thursday from 8-10, so it never overlaps with my classes, and tournaments are on the weekends. It fits in great with my schedule, and the guys are really understanding if you are too busy to make it to a practice.

How has this improved your experience at Iowa?

The water polo team has allowed me to meet new people right away, and make my best friends here at college. I have lived with teammates for two years, and will live with teammates again next year.

What advice would you give to new students on how to choose at Iowa?

I would at least try something if you’re interested. Worst thing is you don’t like something and move on to the next club or activity.

What impact do you hope club sports has on students or the campus?

I hope that students will get a sense of belonging and pride in their school. It is extremely fun playing other colleges while representing the University of Iowa.

Where do you want to end up after college?

After college I want to work as an RN in either the ER or Pediatric department.


About the series

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