Katelyn Weisbrod: Managing Editor at the Daily Iowan

The IOWA Challenge expresses important principles that help students succeed in the classroom and beyond. Five expectations: Excel, Stretch, Engage, Choose, and Serve make up the Challenge. The Iowa Challenge series highlights students that exemplify these five values in their daily lives at the University of Iowa. 

How do you Engage at Iowa?

I am involved at The Daily Iowan, which is independent of the University of Iowa but is completely run by UI students. I am currently the managing editor, which means I oversee much of the newsroom operations under the editor-in-chief. I started as a metro reporter when I was a freshman and moved up to metro editor as a sophomore. I wanted to have more of a comprehensive role in the newsroom since it really was a second home to me, so I applied for managing editor where I can oversee the entire operation, not just the metro desk. The editor in chief, Grace, is one of my best friends, and the two of us really work well together as newsroom leaders.

How has this improved your experience at Iowa?

The Daily Iowan has been as much of my college experience as any of my classes or social life. I spend 40 hours at the DI every week which means I made all my friends here and most of the opportunities I have had have been a direct result of being involved.

What advice would you give to new students on how to engage at Iowa?

I’d encourage all students to pick something to dedicate themselves to. There’s something about being wholly involved in one organization that teaches you commitment and offers you a place to find friends that share the same passions as you.

What impact do you hope the Daily Iowan has on students/campus?

I hope that students read the Daily Iowan and engage with us so that they can understand what’s going on around them and not just live in the bubble of their friends and classes and organizations.

Where do you want to end up after college?

I’m not sure what I want to do yet after college, but I know I want to write about issues with the environment.

About the series

The Iowa Challenge encourages students to get the most out of their college experience. We encourage all students to Excel, Stretch, Choose, Engage, and Serve during their time here at Iowa. Learn more about the Iowa Challenge here

The Division of Student Life is creating profiles of students who have shown their work in relation to the Iowa Challenge in some way. If you know a student we should feature, contact studentlife-marketing@uiowa.edu.