Giving Spaces an Update

University Housing and Dining gives spaces an update

Providing fresh and engaging living spaces is something that University Housing & Dining continuously strives to do. Three of the largest projects UH&D undertook this year, took place in July 2018 in Burge, Catlett, and Currier Halls. Burge began the first of a four year project to renovate the finishes on student room floors. The first hall house is now complete and the work included updates to flooring, paint, and vanities in the rooms. Hallways and cross-halls received an update and incorporation of “way-finding” in the design, so hall house and floor number are more easily understandable. In the coming years, lounge updates will include the creation of private and open study areas. Glass entry doors and sidelights will be added to allow more natural light. The building as a whole will be enhanced with bolder paint colors to give the hall a brighter, more inviting feel. 

Catlett Hall received a re-routing of exhaust ducts for the Market Place grill to the roof of the building. Chemists in the building next door to Catlett Hall noticed the presence of carbon in their experiment slides. The Catlett Market Place grill was the cause of this carbon, creating plumes of smoke which came out of the exhaust vent on the side of the building. When the wind direction changed, it was routed into the Chemistry Building. As a result, the exhaust was moved to the roof in order to dissipate the carbon in the atmosphere and not affect ongoing experiments. 

Quiet study and recreation areas received an update in Currier Hall. The space was redesigned to include an open layout, add study rooms, and include some unique design elements to invite natural light into the space. The path to the outdoor courtyard was also given an updated look and feel, making it more accessible to residents. “Our goal with renovations is to have quality spaces for our residents to gather socially and to study. Based on how frequently it is used, we’ve accomplished our mission,” said Jeff Aaberg, director of Facilities and Operations.

2019 Year In Review

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