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Get fit for summer with UI’s Beach Body Bootcamp

UI Recreational Services offers more sessions of its new fitness class: Beach Body Boot Camp


Photo provided by UI Recreational Services

University of Iowa Recreational Services has recently expanded their popular Beach Body Bootcamp workout class at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (CRWC). The class is expected to appeal to UI community members looking to get fit for the long-awaited summer season.

UI Recreational Services introduced Beach Body Boot Camp during the fall semester, offering a three-times-a-week session for $60 and a two-times-a-week session for $45. The class is a 45-minute workout based on circuit training, in which participants rotate through various stations. Each station features professional workout equipment including sandbags, ladders, battle ropes, weighted jump ropes, cones for various drills, high-end steps, and plyometrics.

“The fitness world has a lot of great tools to use for workouts, however, we do not have the space to leave the expensive equipment out and open for use at all times of the day,” Angela Charsha-Harney, Assistant Director UI Recreational Services says. “[Beach Body Boot Camp] allows us to lead a cutting edge, exciting program with the best equipment we can find.”

Participants must be 18 years old to take the class, but there are few restrictions beyond the age requirement. Beach Body Bootcamp is open to people with no fitness experience as well as seasoned athletes.

According to Charsha-Harney, the program has been incredibly successful, exceeding her original expectations.


Photo provided by UI Recreational Services

“We’ve learned that they love both the workouts and the coaching. This was obvious to us after the first six-week session [prior to spring break],”Charsha-Harney says.

Beach Body Bootcamp filled to capacity in all four classes after the second time CRWC offered the class.

“I owe [Beach Body Bootcamp’s success] to the amazing trainers that lead the program,” Charsha-Harney says.” “My trainers have done an excellent job designing each workout.”

Robin Anderson, third-year student at UI, is currently taking Beach Body Boot Camp. Anderson signed up for the early morning workout after hearing positive reviews of the class’s nationally-certified personal trainers Renaldo Hall, Ashley Renteria, Peter Donahue and Brooke Blazevich.

Anderson, who ran her first marathon in September and plans on running her second next fall, also wanted take the program as a way to stay in shape for her next marathon.

“Renaldo is very motivating and also a little bit intimidating, which I thought I would benefit from because those are the kinds of coaches I always had in high school,” Anderson says. “Since high school I’ve had trouble keeping my fitness up, so I figured he would act like the coach I missed in my life!”

Ashley Renteria, Beach Body Bootcamp Personal Trainer, hopes that more students will give the class a chance.

“We always see people up on the track looking over to see what the commotion is,” says Ashley Renteria, Beach Body Bootcamp Personal Trainer. “Come check it out if you’re interested in a challenging and fun work out! We want to help push you to be your best!”

Summer Beach Body Bootcamps will run for four weeks starting June 17, 2013. For more information visit the UI Recreational Services’ website.