Food Handcrafted on Campus

For University Dining chefs, making entrees is more than just creating food, it is an educational opportunity for students to learn beyond the classroom. The Dining team sees it as their mission to provide quality food, with a focus on sustainability and student engagement. One of the many opportunities for students to engage are Chef Battles. Launched in fall 2018, these events give University Housing & Dining chefs the opportunity to come together, craft unique dishes, and let students decide the winner.

Events are hosted throughout the year in each campus market place, and students vote for their favorite dish. “We really see these events not only as a way to craft unique dishes, but to engage with our students. It also encourages collaboration among the chefs, invites learning opportunities and even a little healthy competition,” said Barry Greenberg, executive chef. The entrees in these battles range from grilled cheese and soup to street food. The battles give students the opportunity to engage with dishes, they might not have otherwise had the opportunity to try. 

University Housing & Dining is home to nine full-time chefs with over 50 years combined experience in a wide variety of culinary fields. Each market place has a dedicated head chef, in addition to bakery, catering, and cold foods chefs. The dining team works diligently to craft a menu that is nutritious and current with popular food trends. Whether individuals are on campus or on-the-go, the campus community can find a quality snack or meal that has been prepared in one of the many kitchens. 

Through these events and sustainable practices, University Housing & Dining strives to be at the forefront of the campus dining industry. Marketplace and cafe menus are developed with students in mind, and student input is essential to that process. Students are able to submit feedback in a variety of ways and there is a student advisory committee in which students are encouraged to join. “Our hope is that through these events, students can not only engage with the individuals crafting and creating their food, but learn something new,” said Greenberg.

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