Caleb Smith: Homecoming Court 2019

Caleb Smith is a senior from Osewego, Illinois graduating this December with a degree in Political Science.

What is your favorite memory from the University of Iowa?

My first game day! I will never forget waking up on my first Saturday Game Day and walking through Downtown and seeing so many people, so much black and gold, and so much tradition. The city was filled with excitement and Hawkeye pride!  

If you had a superpower for one day, what would it be?

If I could have any superpower I would have the power to fly. I think there is something special about being up in the air free of all restraint and sorrowing through the sky.   

Why do you want to be a part of Homecoming Royalty?

I want to be a part of Homecoming Royalty because I feel that I embody what it means to express the Hawkeye spirit. To me, Homecoming Royalty represents what it looks like for students to live out the Iowa Challenge and achieve their highest level of personal success. I strive each day to do this and my Hawkeye experience has been nothing but learning opportunities that have pushed me closer to my purpose. 

What would like to see changed in the world during your lifetime?

Changing the world is easier said than done. But if I had to pick one thing it would be to change peoples attitude and behaviors toward one another. In a world that is more divided then ever I think if people cared more about people they didn't or cared for someone else's loved ones the way they care for their own, we'd see the world change each day. At the end of it all, everyone just wants the people they love to be happy and safe.

If you had the chance to redo one year on campus, which year would it be, and what would you do differently?

Honestly, I wouldn't redo anything. Obliviously, my life isn't perfect and I haven't always made the best decisions but each of the decisions I've made has led me to the place and person I am today. And I would't change that for the world. The only thing I would do differently, is say yes more often and take advantage of more opportunities. I am happy where I am in my life right now and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for each year the way it was.    

What is a fun fact that no one knows about you?

 I've climbed the Great Wall of China!

Iowa Homecoming is a week where the community comes together to celebrate Hawkeye pride. This year, we're celebrating The University of Iowa's impeccable history of Hawkeye champions whether they are on the field, in the classroom, or excelling worldwide. For more information on homecoming, visit