A new way to submit immunization records at Student Health

Student Health has partnered with Med+Proctor to assist with immunization record compliance. The number of immunization documents coming in has increased steadily for the past 5 years, comprising a significant amount of labor costs, as staff manually entered information in two systems. Students now upload their immunization record to Med+Proctor where it is digitally read. Records are shared with the Registrar to determine compliance, and students can see this on MyUI.

The system will eventually share information with IRIS, the state immunization registry, so that when a student comes for a Student Health visit, we can easily pull information into their medical record. The plan is to go slowly at first, so incoming first-year students will be using this system this fall. Over time, we will work to transition health science students to Med+Proctor.

This change will save hours of clerk and nursing time each semester so Student Health can better focus on providing direct care to students.

2019 Year In Review

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