4 of the best study spots in the Iowa Memorial Union

As midterms quickly approach,  you may find yourself in a jam as your regular study spots are filled by other students. Don’t fret– the IMU is here for you, and it’s packing some of the best study spots.

1. The Hawkeye Room

The Hawkeye Room is a great study space for those who like amenities. This space is full of comfy booths and tables, a resting center, and a game room! The movable tables and relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect spot for group projects. It’s also right across from the food court, so you can make a quick run for a study snack when you’re on empty.

2. The Learning Commons

If you find yourself white-knuckling it in the more crowded ground-floor study areas, then the Learning Commons ITC is for you. Kitty-corner from the Hawkeye Room, the learning commons is an oasis of spacious computer desks and quiet time.

3. The IMU Ground Floor Cocoons

If you prefer something a little more private, you can snag one of the study cocoons on the ground floor. The perfect place to throw on the noise canceling headphones you splurged on at the Hawk Shop, and hide your face as you pound down an americano from Java House.

4. Hubbard Commons

For all of you who value comfort, take a spin in one of the dozens of plush armchairs in Hubbard Commons. Located on the first floor, this is the perfect space to wait in between classes or take a quick nap. Your body will thank you for the level of comfort you’ve given it.

 Along with our favorite areas, the IMU has tons of spots scattered around for students to take advantage of. On the warmer days there are plenty of places to soak up the sunshine on the River Terrace or at Hubbard Park. You could also venture upstairs and find tons of large tables and booths. As UI midterms approach, it’s the perfect time to explore and find your space.

Bonus: The IMU hosts tons of events/fairs which usually have free goodies and snacks!

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