Our Vision

Our vision is to create and sustain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive Division of Student Life that fosters student, staff, and faculty success. 

2020-2021 DEI Action Plan Implementation Team

The DEI Implementation Team is charged with implementing the action steps outlined in the DSL DEI Plan. The team is co-chaired by Dr. Maria Bruno and Teri Schnelle, with three subcommittees overseeing the three goals of the plan. View the full plan with updates.

  • Goal 1: Identify and revise systematically oppressive policies, practices, and programs in order to create a culture where healing, equitable, and sustained change will happen
  • Goal 2: Create a sustainable structure to support the DSL as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization
  • Goal 3: Implement strong, genuine, and consistently communicated culturally inclusive practices that reinforce of Division of Student Life values

If you are interested in joining the DEI Action Plan Implementation Team, please contact Teri Schnelle (teri-schnelle@uiowa.edu)

Subcommittee 1 (Goal 1)

Chair- Linda Stewart Kroon

  1. Marcus Powell
  2. Greg Thompson
  3. Jeff Aaberg
  4. Bill Nelson
  5. Bret Gothe
  6. Amber McNeal
  7. Talinda Pettigrew
  8. Anna Soergel
  9. Jamarco Clark
Subcommittee 2 (Goal 2):

Chair- Maria Bruno

  1. Danielle Barefoot
  2. Abigail Beadle
  3. Tanya Villhauer
  4. Mallory Valentine
  5. Ian Van Anden
  6. Scott Seagren
Subcommittee 3 (Goal 3):

Chair- Adam Robinson

  1. Lisa James
  2. Barry Schreier
  3. Jill Irvin
  4. Virginia Ibrahim-Olin
  5. Brandon Mills
  6. Erin Fitzgerald
  7. Jessica Padilla
  8. Caleb Recker
  9. Ruth Kahssai

Selected DSL DEI Action Plan Updates:

  • University Housing and Dining included a question regarding “sense of belonging” in the RA talks in spring 2020, and created a Residence Education Student DEI Task Force was created.
  • Dr. Maria Bruno was hired to fill the new Executive Director of Belonging and Inclusion position in October 2019.
  • The “Safety and Support” link on all ICON course sites under “Student Tools” was moved to the top of the navigation bar. This provides links to the Division of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, the Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator, University Counseling Services, etc.
  • Student Disability Services slated to move to University Capitol Center by Fall 2020.
  • Spring 2020 DEI Implementation Team begins to meet regularly.

View the full plan with updates. 

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