The Partnership for Alcohol Safety exists to identify and advocate for strategies that reduce high-risk drinking and related harms and promote a vibrant downtown and nearby neighborhoods.


Collaboration, Community, Results-Orientation


PAS will have a reputation among students, community members, business and community leaders, and UI and City officials as an honest and effective advocate for change such that:

  • Most UI students will agree there are a variety of attractive activities that represent viable alternatives to high-risk drinking.
  • Most non-student residents in near-campus neighborhoods will say that the problems with house parties are minor and that relationships with student neighbors are good.
  • Most Iowa City and Johnson County residents will say that they enjoy visiting downtown businesses to shop, dine, and be entertained.
  • Most bar owners who operate legally will agree that the City has implemented clear and fair rules for reviewing applications for alcoholic beverage licensees and there is a more collaborative relationship with the partnership.
  • Most downtown landlords and business leaders will agree that the partnership is promoting a vibrant downtown.
  • Iowa City and Johnson County public health professionals will say there has been a noticeable decrease in key markers of high-risk drinking.
  • Local law enforcement officials will agree there is a noticeable decrease in alcohol-related offenses.